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Any customers who need to complete IP-related or software networking certification exams must do so by October 2, 2017. Certification vouchers may be used to pay for exams through this date.

After October 2, 2017, unused certification vouchers will only be redeemable for SAN exams. No refunds will be given for any unused certification vouchers.


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When registering in Certifior, use the CertMetrics demographic information (name, address, email, etc) and Brocade ID. This will avoid duplicate accounts being set up.

Completely new to the Brocade Certification Program?

When registering in Certifior use your name and address as it appears on the legal documentation that would be used to validate your identity. If your company is part of the Brocade Partner Network (BPN), please use your company email address.

Need to see your testing history and list of earned credentials?

Visit CertMetrics to view your testing history and download earned credentials. An account is automatically set up for you at CertMetrics after CertMetrics receives the results of your first exam completion. Then certification@brocade.com sends you an email with directions for accessing your new account.

Need details about Brocade Certification exams?

Visit the Certification Exam page on Brocade.com for complete details about each Brocade certification exam.

Have general questions about the Brocade Certification Program?

Visit the Learn More section on the Brocade Education landing page.

Need additional information?

Contact certification@brocade.com.

For support please contact support@assess.com.



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